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Presentation of the proiect
The University of Arts, Târgu-Mureş, located in Târgu-Mureş, nr.6, Köteles Sámuel street, starting with 04.06.2010 initiated, the project  “Increasing the Efficiency of Theatre-Research by the Improvement of the Management System and the Capacity to atract Funds for the University of Arts, Târgu-Mures” co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, on the basis of the financing contract   nr. 136, dated 04.06.2010 signed with the National Authority for Scientific Research, as Intermediary Organism, in the name and for the Ministry of Economy, Commerce and Business Environment as Management Authority for the Operational Program „Increasing Economic Competitiveness” (POSCCE).
The total value of the project is 460.778 RON, from which non-refundable finantial assistance amounts to  391.200 RON. The eligible non-refundable sum from the ERDF is 324.696 RON,  the non-refundable sum from the state budget is  66.504 RON,  whereas the non-eligible value of the project is  69.578 lei. The project will be implemented in Târgu-Mureş, with a duration of 6 months.

The aim of the project is the increase of the capacity to generate and manage projects (including the field of scientific research in the domain of theatre) in a framework of functioning and development based on a medium-term strategic vision. 
In this respect, the objectives of the project are as follows:
•    The creation and finalization of a strategic vision regarding the future of the University of Arts, Târgu-Mureş, the role of the institution in theatre-research but also its role as an institution of higher education and as a cultural actor (by its performances)
•    The realization of a medium term development strategy for the institution, starting from the concrete demands of the domain in which the institution activates and the creation of a portfolio of projects to serve the implementation of the strategy
•    The creation of infrastructural, informational and human resource conditions necessary for an efficient management of projects, by implementing a solution which allows the planning, management and monitoring of all projects, activities and tasks emerging from them, by a unified electronic system
•    Increase of shares of funds from the budget of the institution coming from funds attracted for development projects both from national and international sources
•    The creation and use of a united and coherent image of the institution towards target groups (students, partners, the town community, cultural institutions, regional community) with clearly definable messages, images, colors, design
•    Attracting the attention to the problems and solutions in the field of theatre-research by organizing a a scientific conference with the participation of experts, present and potential partners as well as mass-media. The enhanced attention is menat to contribute to the efficient valorization of scientific research in the domain of theatre.
 By achieving the proposed objectives, the University of Arts, Târgu-Mureş may introduce essential, recently missing elements, vital for the development of the institution. The implementation of these pillars of development will in themselves bring about long term results both in partnerships as well as for the capacity of the institution to adhere and actively work in European and international academic networks in the filed of theatre and to participate in a European level theatre-research.

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