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12th Conference of Theatre Studies
Tirgu-Mures, University of the Arts
25-26 November 2011


        The conference focuses on the specific rules and characteristics of the dramaturgy of the stage, which have developed since the emergence of directorial theatre. Starting with the beginning of the 20th century, it has become more and more common for performances to diverge from the elements and laws of text-based dramaturgy. Visual theatre and image dramaturgy have challenged the traditional categories of dialogue, plot or subject.
         Therefore it seems appropriate to re-evaluate the possibilities of describing the transformation of traditional dramaturgical elements and the workings of visual performances as well as those of the elements of post-dramatic theatre. How is the dramaturgy of setting and space affirmed and how does visual dramaturgy rewrite conflict-centred theatre theory? What kind of play is suitable for today’s stage or what kind of stage is able to exist without a text? What kind of new means of expression or creation emerge from the decomposition of old forms and what is their theoretical and practical relevance? How do the occasionally different theatrical elements blend in the new all-devouring forms and how can the actor use them? It is also important to explore the training possibilities these new modes of acting require.
        The conference is open for academic staff, researchers and doctoral students. Languages are: English, French, Romanian and Hungarian. Presentations should be 15 minutes long. Accommodation is available for participants from abroad.
        The deadline for applications and resumes is 31st October 2011.
        Please e-mail your 200 words resume in Hungarian, Romanian, English or French to: Please attach an English or French translation to Hungarian and Romanian resumes. Papers will be peer-reviewed and published in the theatre studies periodical SYMBOLON. Further information: Zoltán Csép  (,



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